Kudumba Units (Family Units)






  Family units are formed to enlighten members and their children about the traditional, inherited faith and customs of a Jacobite Syrian Orthodox belief. It's therefore essential for our church to be involved in wellbeing of every member to guide them into the true faith, family prayer and holy mass. The family units aim at family friendship and sharing of Christ eternal or the divine love and provide opportunity to study the Holy Bible.

The St Mary’s Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church, Adelaide has four Kudumba Units as listed below;

  1. Mar Baselios (Northern Suburb): Coordinator: Bijil Varghese
  2. St. Marys (North Eastern Suburb): Coordinator: Binu Mathew
  3. St. George (Western Suburb): Coordinator: Rajesh Thangamala
  4. Mor Gregorios (Southern Suburb): Coordinator: Shyju Ittan
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