This is one of the major spiritual organizations of the church combining all the Parish womenfolk. The primary goal of this Samajam is the spiritual progress of the women in our church. The group gets together regularly after the Holy Qurbana. It starts with prayer and intercession of Saint Mary followed by devotional songs, bible readings and group discussions.

This Samajam works for the spiritual, ecclesiastical, social and cultural progressiveness of our Parish women. Some of the key objectives of this Samajam are as follows:

  • To encourage their family and friends to attend Church and Prayer meetings regularly
  • To enhance spirituality by practising family prayers and observing canonical Lents.
  • To encourage women to actively participate in the Sunday school Program of the parish in bringing up children in Christ
  • To Pray for the sick and visit those who are confined in the hospitals.
  • To engage in charity work at home and abroad